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Shuguang 300B Series Details

Author: Date:2012-11-5 10:22:03
  • 300B
    • carbonized iron plated anode;
    • Anode dissipation power 40W;
    • Gold coated grid and bakelite pin;
    • Spring hook heater;
    • Stable and consistence quality;
    • Warm and soft sound;
    • Rewarded Quality Gold prize by United Kingdom Queen
  • 300B-98
    • carbonized pure nickel anode;
    • anode dissipation power 45W;
    • improved grid coated with gold;
    • high emitting cathode;
    • spring hook heater;
    • it’s the improved version of 300B;
    • increased output power;
    • long lifespan vacuum tube;
    • wider frequency response;
    • it’s recognized with “dream ball”.
  • 300BA
    • carbonized pure nickel anode;
    • anode dissipation power 45W;
    • gold coated grid;
    • bakelite base;
    • copper-gold pin;
    • hanging fixed heater;
    • clear high frequency, bright middle frequency and full low frequency;
    • it give listeners a very strong live show feel;
    • rapid frequency response
    • strong approachsense
    • fastaudiofrequency
  • 300BC
    • high pure graphite anode;
    • anode dissipation power 65W;
    • gold coated grid;
    • spring hook fixed heater;
    • rapid frequency response;
    • solid sound;
    • power is higher 2W than 300B.
  • 300BAW
    • specially designed mesh plate;
    • visible inner structure;
    • the anode is coated with very low emitting material;
    • gold imbrued grid;
    • high insulation mica spacer;
    • hang spring fixed heater;
    • high conductivity electrode wires and ;pure gold base and pin;
    • matching data attached;
    • boxed in pair and delicately..
    • characteristichigh_steadywork degree
    • longlife
    • analog tube two times higher
    • perfomance curve
    • same high and low end
    • inclining –like performance
    • no-noise design
    • even tiny needle fall can display thoroughly
  • 300BS

    in addition to all the characteristics of 300B, its appearance can satisfy those nostalgic fans .
    the smooth and classic eggplant shape design makes people feel pleased.