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Shuguang New Product 300BG and 12AX7-TA Comes Out Successfully!

Author: Date:2017-8-4 19:29:35
       Hi,my dear friends.Shuguang has recently manufactured new products 300BG and 12AX7-TA tubes.Now we would like to have a brief introduction about these two tubes.This 300BG is the development of new 300B tube in my factory in 2017.Compared with ordinary 300B-98,the sound field of this tube is  larger and more detailed.The extension of high and low frequency is better.Medium frequency sounds  thicker.This tube is very suitble for human sound , particularly sweet and gentle.300BG also can replace all of 300B series.
      Shuguang 12AX7-TA tubes is specially made for Guangzhou audio exhibition.This tube is dealt with carbon technique .Special emphasis is that the product adopted a high pressure design.High frequency sounds delicate ,medium frequency sounds thick and full,low frequency sounds powerfull.This two new products let me discover several tones,noises,coherence in my musics I have never heard before,incredible! If you have interests,pls feel free to  contact us at  any time .I am here  waiting for you!